Pierre Lecat Cognac : the art of Passion & Patience!

Pierre Lecat products are nurtured with passion. Each blend is created with precision, finesse and patience! Discover our cognacs, pineaux and vins de pays.

La Maison

The evolution of the Pierre Lecat estate is a family affair, beginning in the 1950s when the first generation settled on a small vineyard in the far north region of the Fins Bois cru.

It was this generation who replanted several hectares of vines, replacing those that had disappeared during the great phylloxera crisis.

Since then, generations have succeeded one another, men and women with different characters and ideas.
Marie Josephe & Roger, Jean Luc, Jacky , Dominique & Françoise, Yann, Hélène et Aurélien and Emily have all instilled their personalities, their hard work, their passion and their many initiatives into the evolution of the brand. They have all contributed to the development of today’s Domaine Pierre Lecat.

Today, we’re proud to take over the reins!

The vineyard and its grapes

Over a period of 70 years, the Pierre Lecat estate, has grown to become 40 hectares of vines dedicated to the production of Cognac, Pineaux des Charentes and Vin de Pays Charentais. Onsite there is distillery with two charentais alambic and cellars for aging our Cognacs and Pineaux. And bien sûr, a dynamic, motivated and enterprising team.

Our terroir is clay-limestone, good for drainage and for retaining water, which makes it ideal for growing vines.

The grape varieties are predominantly Ugni blanc for our cognacs, colombard and Montil for our Pineaux des Charentes, and Sauvignon, Merlot, Chardonnay, Cabernet Franc and Sauvignon for our vins de pays.

A responsible vineyard

We care about our environment, which is why : Our grapes are grown with limited use of phytosanitary products. For over 15 years, we have used no chemical herbicides or insecticides. The red grape varieties have held the Organic Agriculture label since 2018. The farm as a whole has been awarded level 3 High Environmental Value certification and Cognac Environmental Certification since 2021.


After the harvest, in autumn, the white grape juice is fermented into wine. It is then distilled onsite by our master distillers.

The distillation period takes place in the middle of winter, every day and night for several months, ending before Spring.
Distillation is carried out according to the AOC Cognac specifications : double distillation, known as repasse.

The resulting eau de vie is immediately ready for ageing in our cellars.


All Pierre Lecat Cognacs are aged French oak barrels in our cellars on the family estate. During its ageing, the liquid exchanges with the wood and draws out the elements that  give it its colour and bouquet of aromas.

The combination of aromas and the natural oxygenation of the eaux de vie will, after many years, create the « rancio charentais », a term given to charecterize the notes of nuts, honey and vanilla. The aromas of the cognacs will become increasingly complex over time.


Pierre Lecat has a versatile and diverse range of products and we design our blends to create delicate and complex cognacs.

We select our finest eaux de vie to create perfect blends that can be young, lively and full bodied or mature, complex and elegant. A Cognac for every person and place.

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